Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wandering in California Gold Country.

Pictures from my weekend ride. The route is outlined in the links below.
It was such a glorious weekend, absolutely phenomenal riding weather both Saturday and Sunday.

I did about 200 miles on Saturday. Rode over Pardee Dam to Murphys from Folsom to have lunch and to pick up my friend who wanted to ride 2-up on the FJR. We did a small ride loop and I stayed the night in Murphys. My friend is camera shy and requested no pictures of her be posted on the internet.
We spotted a Black FJR this day in the afternoon, it was being tailed by 2 other bikes one of them looked like a Ninja 250, not sure if they were riding together, and I can't remember the name of the road either.

Saturday ride route to Murphys and beyond...

I did a fun 100 miles on Sunday. Rode to Volcano and Daffodil Hill along the way back home to Folsom. It was a good time to visit Daffodil Hill, as a week long storm is expected starting tomorrow and they fear there might get frost bitten as Winter weather is supposed to return to this region for about a  week starting tomorrow. This was the Feej's first time on Rams Horn Grade - she performed spectacularly!

I spotted a Blue '05 FJR on Latrobe Road this afternoon. Looked like Patrick (RsvlFeej) but we waved and passed each other in a flash - so not sure!

Sunday ride route from Murphys to Folsom.

On to the pictures....

Saturday Ride to Murphys
View slideshow here...

Sunday in Volcano
View slideshow here...

Sunday in Daffodil Hill
View slideshow here...

Sunday ride from Daffodil Hill through Fiddletown and home to Folsom
View slideshow here...

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