Sunday, January 1, 2012

(Mostly) End of Days in Southern California.

A few words and a few more pictures from my stay in Southern California, the end week of 2011. Not a whole lot of riding involved, just to and from the beaches. I would sleep in late, go out to lunch at some restaurants by the beach and then just be a beach bum for the rest of the afternoon, run on the beach and check out and flirt with the "ahem" scenery - the kind which would talk to me anyway.. ;)

Cardiff-by-the-Sea State Beach was my more often than not hang out spot. Great restaurants right across from the beach, not crowded and it is a pretty flat beach to run on and one could run for miles on the beach with the cliffs of Solano Beach on your left and the Pacific Ocean on your right at low tide. Just don't take a nap along the cliffs before high tide, or it might become a permanent nap.. :)

These "birds" I didn't need permission to take pictures of..

They were pretty good runners too - over short distances..

Now you know, why I titled this (Mostly) End of Day's, because that is when I would start taking most of my pictures - at the end of the day..

Skimmers and Surfers..

Dive bombers .. I was lucky enough to get this shot off ..

The sun sets over the Pacific Ocean as seen from Cardiff-by-the-Sea Beach..well it actually sets behind the incoming fog. This was the story all week long. It would be a perfectly clear and sunny day, but as soon as the sun reach a certain point over the horizon - the fog would almost instantaneously materialize!

I did however, take one afternoon to ride down south to Point Cabrillo National Monument in the Point Loma area. Incredible panoramic views of San Diego from here. Lots of tourists as well. You know how much I love the crowds!

Cabrillo National Monument commemorating Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo as the first European to set foot on the West Coast of the then not yet United States in 1542.

Maybe on a ship not too unlike these ones..on another note, seriously as these two ships/boats crossed paths, I heard (or imagined) canon fire.

The old Point Loma Lighthouse is also nearby. I love photographing white buildings or structures in the late afternoon light.

The Whale overlook at Point Loma, although I didn't sight any migratory Whales off the coast. This Whale sculpture managed to catch my attention.

You can see the new Point Loma Lighthouse from the Whale Overlook near the Old Point Loma Lighthouse.

Bidding farewell to Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo (don't you just love saying that?). I headed towards the Sunset Cliffs in San Diego. Where I found a young maiden waiting anxiously for her paramour to return from the seas.

The Sunset Cliffs..

...and as you were probably expecting. High surf!

The day ends and the sun sets over Sunset Cliffs and my FJR. :)

Now, I won't call myself a hippie - far from it, but one of the days I was in Southern California. I headed to the Self Realization Fellowship Meditation Center in Encinitas. Not sure what I realized while I was there, but as soon as I got there I did "realize" that I had forgotten to bring a hat. So there..

Some beautiful gardens to enjoy and meditate in at this place.

Beautiful flowers..this one blooms upside down!

Right side up for this one..

Streams with colorful fish..

... and a beautiful view of the ocean! :)

Afterwards it was time for some motorcycle meditation as I headed to the beach again. While there I found this young lady riding a Ducati Monster, who watched the sunset with me. On her request - no pictures of her, but here is a picture of her Ducati. :)

Another beautiful sunset. The last one of my vacation in Southern California..

The fog once again magically materialized..

Thank you for reading! Good night! :)

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