Thursday, August 16, 2012

Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse: A Photo Guide.

At the crossroads of science, fantasy, prophecy and religion is a freakish possibility of an apocalyptic event happening in the year 2012 - A Zombie Apocalypse!

Here are some tips for survival that may serve you well, and keep you from becoming a meal for the undead.

Rule #1. No Girly Bikes. Get a real bike. The faster the better. I recommend an FJR1300. Just not the one below, this one has been beat down too much!

Remember, animals can be infected also. Looks like this one just feasted on some poor schmucks brains..

Rule #2. Avoid abandoned shacks and other dilapidated structures. Come the Apocalypse, you will frequently find such boarded up structures. They are not good places to hide. If you are compelled to enter for some god forsaken reason - know your exits!

Rule #3. Get fit! Work out! Survival could be as simple as outrunning the "meatier" person behind you. Of course, needless to say it doesn't hurt to arm yourself as well!

Rule #4. Don't be afraid to shoot first, ask questions later. Although, talking to a Zombie has been proven to be a fruitless venture. You can't talk them down, you have to put them down.

Also, don't get target fixation. Zombies could have crawled up beside you!

Rule #5. Weapon selection is crucial. Rifles and shotguns preferable, even if handguns are all you can acquire, pick those with high capacity magazines. The poor souls in California are outta luck on this one!

Rule #6. Practice..practice..practice...makes perfect. It also makes you not undead.

Rule #7. What did I say about avoiding abandoned shacks? Don't be a sheep, don't go where everyone else is going. Also, don't be a hero - you can't save them. If they are intent on breaking the survival rules, they are on their own!
Geez! Get a real bike would ya already? I hope that final drive doesn't go out on you while you are fleeing zombies!!

Rule #8. Watch your back or watch each others backs if you are lucky to have a good (and reliable) partner! Yes, zombies can sneak up behind you!!

Rule #9. You got two hands! Why not use them both? Twice the fire power is never a bad thing!
Note: It also works very well for the Double Tap!

Photo by Tobie Stevens.
Rule #10. Not really a rule. Just a sign of things to come! Get ready! Be prepared! Survive!!


  1. The photos are fantastic. We are zombie ready out east here. Our drivers drive like zombies.


  2. Hear ya on the zombie drivers Willie! Most of them really could use some BRAAAINSSS!!


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