Sunday, October 6, 2013

Peaks and Falls - Another Anti Ride Report.

I apologize for the non-motorcycle content as of late. I would have liked to figure out a way for these non-motorcycle related posts to appear else-where, rather than the main motorcycle ride archives, which still remains the main driving force for creating this blog, but I confess, I haven't spent much time at all trying to make it happen, so please bear with me.

Motorcycling and photography continue to be my two true loves and passions, but how do you motorcycle when your trusty steed has been rendered not so trusty anymore? There is no point and no sense in not being outdoors enjoying all the sights that traveling has to offer, while you await a remedy to all that ails your two-wheeled companion. That means falling back to my backup transportation, which is no slug by comparison, even if it has 4 wheels, it still has bigger Brembo ABS brakes, traction control, and a 6 speed transmission as a conduit to a snarling motor which (through some modifications) churns out 300+ HP at the wheels. Not bad, not bad at all.. :)

What follows is another collection of photographs from a spontaneous and unplanned excursion into Northern California, to see some sights, enjoy some hikes and visit with some of my favorite people in this world. Unlike my motorcycling posts, this blog post, will be far less effusive. Writing about non-motorcycle trips doesn't quite inspire prose which bubbles from my heart and tingles my fingertips to dance on the keyboard. So like the blog post preceding this one, I will keep banter to a minimum and let the beauty of Northern California speak in it's stead. I hope you enjoy the view! :)

My favorite mountain hide-away. Mt. Shasta in a veil of silk.

A nice but steep hike to Middle Falls on the McCloud River. 

A scramble to get to the base of the Falls. Not recommended unless you are sure-footed and definitely not when wet.

Burney Falls, arguably the prettiest falls in Northern California.

It's a state park and they rob you blind. Remember what state this is.. :)

Worth it or not? Maybe... just maybe... :)

Fed by natural springs, they are at their full glory year-round. 

Winter is coming to Mt. Lassen, like a ripple it will spread from the mountain peak, dusting everything white along it's path.

There is still some activity on Manzanita Lake. The season is almost over..

Will the Ducky stay for Winter, or fly away?

Kings Creek Meadow, changing color in anticipation of being buried in fluffy white stuff. 

Kings Creek seems frozen like glass, soon it literally will be..

Paying my dues. The Z thinks it's twice the ride the FJR is, in some ways it is!

...and almost as fun on serpentine roads. Almost, riding will ruin driving for you. Guaranteed!

The Z bids thee adieu, as it starts to slip out of sight...
Thank you for reading! :)


  1. Stunning pictures - like they always are.

    I don't care if you are on two wheels or four, I just feel privileged you share your pictures and travel tales with us.

    1. That's so sweet of you to say that!! I am more than happy to share. Gives me great pleasure knowing that you and others like you enjoy looking at this stuff! Thank you! :)

  2. I second Trobairitz! Nicely done, as always...

  3. Love the shot of Mt Shasta...the others are very good too...I tried responding on your earlier post about traveling sans cycle. I found myself doing less riding this year, possibly burn out. Traveling in the cage is better than not traveling and taking photos. Plus you got a pretty good cage to do it in.

    Oh you asked on the architectural shots if a wide angle.. yes using a Tokina 11-16mm still trying to get the hang of it

    1. Hear great things about the Tokina 11-16mm. Rave reviews. I am going to get one later this year. Much better than the Canon and Sigma 10-22mm as far as image quality is concerned and a much much faster at f2.8!! Can't wait! :)

  4. Gorgeous photos, Sam, as I have come to expect. I agree with doesn't matter if you are on two or four wheels, the photography you show us is just as stunning. Looks like a gorgeous fall trip!

    1. Thank you Donna! It was a very nice trip! It is a beautiful area! :)


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