Sunday, February 3, 2013

A 'Crappy' Ride Report.

Riding a bike is like learning to swim, they say. So they say, you never forget, but you do get a bit rusty. It had been over 4-1/2 months, notwithstanding the hour-long ride the week before to gently probe the extent of the cobwebs.

It was groundhog day, where we look to a rodent to predict the weather, which actually is just as good as any other method that we know of. The forecast was for sunny skies and 67 degrees. As I rolled over to Al's house at a leisurely 9AM, the weatherman was going to prove just as smart at predicting the weather as a rodent. No precipitation,but a chilly morning in the high 40s and the typical Sacramento valley low clouds/fog/smog had yet to burn off. Maybe after breakfast..

It usually isn't until we pass Winters and are on the other side of the hills west of it, that the sun is usually shining - today being no exception. We stopped intermittently for gasoline and to just take a break and talk 'crap'. Today I was also on the hunt for the Iron Butt Photo Tag game I have been playing with some IBA folks. It was a 'Crappy' tag this time, as I said, but someone had to do it.

It wasn't until the town of Occidental, that I decided to start looking for a new tag for the game. Something 'Occidental' itself being a possibility..but decided not to use it.

Then a brainwave hit. This is an Iron Butt game after all, you can't get a bunch of people more unconventional than this bawdy bunch.

'Bohemian' seemed like a good fit. So be it, this is to be the new tag, if I could find that damn 'Crappy' first - no luck so far!

Give me something 'Bohemian'!

Riding this Bohemian Highway, I led Al to the site of Alfred Hitchcock's - 'The Birds' Schoolhouse. He was a little bit amused, but I don't think he really remembered the movie. Perhaps, it would be a good rental Al. If you can find someplace which rents it anymore..

This was probably the umpteenth time I was visiting this site. I seem to keep bringing friends here who have never been, a little bit of movie trivia and magic never hurt anybody.

The objective for the ride was the first visit to the northern California coast this year. I usually try to sneak one trip during a dry spell in January. It only being the second day of February, I was only just a little late this time.

The spirits always soar like free birds on the California coast..

Big smiles as well! :-)

The beach just north of Bodega Bay, is traditionally the stop. Love visiting the Sonoma coast, but always such short visits, it would be nice someday to sit on that beach and let the sun soak into the skin.

These day trips esp. when the days are shortened by Winter, always keeps us moving, a race to get back home before the light goes out on the day's show, however, we took the time today to pose both FJR's for some quick coastal shots.

Beelining for home, still no 'Crappy' tag in the err bowl? Until sitting at a stop light, I turned my head and voila - there it was!! Thanks for the 'Crappy' tag Cletha! *Shaking My Head*

I got bonus points for multiples, and double bonii for a handicapped stall - never seen them before!

Port-a-Pottys! Iron Butt Photo Tag. Who knew they were so hard to find? Of course, as you can see - Al turns his back and wants no part of it..too bad! Tag, you are in it Al!

What a way to end a great ride, and to end this 'Crappy' ride report. Thanks for reading! It's good to be back! :-)


  1. Looks like you had a most excellent time. Great photos; great report. Thanks!

  2. Nice read and photo's, especially by us noreasters sitting inside with the sun going down and the temps dropping from the mid 20's pushing into the teens.


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