Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lost and Found while riding to Tahoe.

Went for a ride with some friends from FJRForum. We were to take the Old US 40 route to Lake Tahoe. Only Rich knew the complete route, along the way I made a wrong turn...that story below.

Lost sight of my FJR brethren. Found a great solo adventure.

At the meetup in Auburn. That Red FJR needed some company so along came a Red Beemer...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

California's Pacific Coast and San Diego.

It was finally time for the first long adventure ride on my new to me FJR. With that in mind I set off on Wednesday April 28th, right after the big storm which rolled through Nor Cal on Tuesday, there were still trailing weather systems from the storm moving through the area, but the idea was to leave "rain or shine" and try to make the best of the conditions and push through those weather systems to drier conditions on the Central and South Coast of California.

Day 1: 

Just as I was preparing to leave, the moment I pulled the FJR out on the driveway, it started to sprinkle…