Sunday, March 31, 2013

Life is blooming ..

It is the season, and it is in full bloom and that applies to the riding season as well. It has been blossoming for a few weeks now, not entirely uncharacteristic for the bipolar winters that we have been having in California, for the past couple of years or so. Not that I do not ride in the winters. I ride year around, a luxury we get to enjoy and pay through our noses for to do so. My winter riding started slow and late this year, only two rides in February, and then this one to witness the flourishing of Spring in the foothills. I have to get out there more often, even if I don't write about it later. Something has to change, and some things have changed..

"Is that your Steel Horse I see, across the road there?" said the one with chestnut hair, with a long face. 

"It's Aluminum mostly, and plastic."  I replied.

"My owner has one of those contraptions." came the reply. "He is quite obsessed with it, seldom rides me anymore.."

"Funny, you should say that." I said. "You should talk to Big Blue across the road there, she says the same thing, the latter part. I tell her give it time, the year is young, things will change!"