Sunday, May 19, 2013

In Good Company in Creston.

This is probably my shortest blog post .. yet, of a long day in the saddle. It wasn't a stop to smell the flowers (almost none left here inland, just dried up golden stalks) type of ride. I had a lot of ground to cover this day approx. 500 miles a lot of it back road country. The only stop was in Creston to see my buddy Don and his better half for lunch. I had a great time visiting with both and it was good to see them both after what has been quite a long time. Both very good people!

The Loading Chute. Not the only game in town for a bar and a grill, well just one of the only two - but definitely the best ;-)

Thank you very much for coming out to see me and buying me lunch Don! I look forward to hosting you when you come up to Nor Cal in June. :-)

No pictures of food or people, as I may have mentioned before. I am not good at photographing people, nor do I feel comfortable plastering their faces up here on my public blog - whether they like it or not! :-/

Here are some other pictures of my lunch stop and my only stop except for gasoline..

A 1970's BMW at the Loading Chute in Creston. It wasn't pristine by any means, but it wasn't a garage queen either. Showed over 80,000 miles on the odometer, which I am not sure still worked. Shaft drive, no less.

Not the only antiquity in attendance. In comparison the 1970's Beemer was a teeny bopper! 

To top it all off. I took just one picture on my 400 mile jog home. Good thing is I had 'Little Dragon' all to myself! Wooohooo! Bad thing is I only took one picture! What the hell  is going on??

That's all folks! Told ya it was the shortest blog post I have done! 

Thank you for reading it anyway! :-)


  1. Well sometimes ya just have to ride!

  2. Great pictures. It looks like a perfect day for a ride. Somedays we are having way too much fun riding to stop for pictures.

    Some summers my rides can be summed up by the pictures of the bikes at fuel stops and food stops...........

  3. Ain't life just simply grand??? Better from the seat of a trusty motorcycle, I'd opine.

  4. Thank you for the comments! Yes, it was one of those days when you just ride and stop for nothing, just eat up the miles and the curves and this route had an almost endless supply of them. :-)

    I agree life is great and it is what you make of it. A motorcycle helps you make it grand! :-)


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