Saturday, March 5, 2011

Quick run to the Ocean with friends.

Went for a quick run to the ocean today before the rain moved in this late afternoon, got back a couple hours ago, so I am a bit tired, but felt like firing off a quick ride report with a few pictures, didn't take as many this time because I was on a tight schedule before the skies opened up. I also apologize that my brain is a little mushy for clever prose right now.

A leisurely start at about 9AM, this time I finally got to take a decent picture of the Tower Bridge and Downtown Sacramento..

I met up with some old riding buddies from Sacramento along the way, I haven't ridden with them for a long time, as I seldom (if ever) do bigger group rides. We had a quick run over to Poser's corner at Lake Berryessa. I knew almost all of the people on this ride, so I felt a bit more comfortable joining them, but still I am always the sweep and cruise far far behind..

We were at a cross-roads, the group split up with some returning home and the rest heading towards the ocean..



An assortment of bikes.

Then I met the Cal 24 King. He looked familiar, but I couldn't place him at first, I was initially drawn to his Tanji tank and the IBR Rally license plate frame. We started talking as I tried searching frantically in my head as to where I know him from, started asking if he was on LD Riders forum, hoping he would give me a forum name I would remember hearing, then he said "I am on IBDone" and "I am the Cal 24 King" he says. Hmmm... OK I know Jerry won Cal 24 last year and Reno John had a good start before finding creative ways to implode, but that still doesn't help me place him, so I finally asked his name. "Tom Melchild" comes the answer. Big slap to the head - Frack, yes I know you! The very first FJR I ever sat on was yours at the RTE in Idaho a few years ago. I need more coffee in the mornings!

Anyway ladies and gentlemen, here is Cal 24 King. What is it about my trying to take people's pictures which makes them stare at little screens instead....

That's much better! :)

Motored on to Petaluma - Point Reyes road from there..

Am playing photo tag with Jerry and others on Facebook. This was unexpected, but I finally spotted the current challenge on today's ride.

Found this along the way..your rims got to match the color of your car - didn't you all know that? Sheeesh! We have all been doing it wrong!

Reached Point Reyes.

Had a crab cake sandwich here. Ack! It sucked! Couldn't taste any crab in there at all... :(

Fun ride into Marin from there, with a couple surreal moments - I was riding sweep behind my friend Cat on Hwy 1 and at one point a group of about 20 birds swooped down flying just a couple feet above her helmet before diving down the cliff side towards the water! Scared the hell out of her! Cat's and birds....enemies forever! The second surreal moment was a a couple of hawks just floating and gliding an arm's length above me - so close! It was out of this world! I wish I had my camera out at those moments...

...and then on the way home, captured the next challenge for the photo tag. Your bike in front of a waterwheel. From wind power to hydro power.

Thanks for reading folks! :)

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