Monday, March 16, 2015

Salmon Falls Rd. - Riding the Sierra Foothills Series.

Just a short pictorial blog post about a local road. Presented in the perspective of a rider's-eye view. Thinking of doing some pictorial series of the kind. This would be the first of that series. 

Not meant to be a definitive road guide or anything resembling the like ( is a good resource for road Intel in California). This is just for fun. 

Salmon Falls Road. A short but fun road, right in my backyard. Getting busier as the years roll on, it's best motorcycling days are way behind it. Depending on the day and your luck, it could be wide open with no cars, no squids and no CHP, or it can be chock-full of all of them. Roll the dice, take a chance, but ride prudently and safely!

When you come to a fork in the road. Take the one more fun! 

Not much rain, but everything is still so green!

A popular motorcycling road. Fortunately, not a lot of squids out yet. CHP is showing an early presence, nevertheless. 

When the rider sees his shadow - a long riding season is ahead. 

Full compliment of on-boards on the FJR. Still, not even close to the IBR steeds. 

The road slithering into the distance. Super wide-angle lenses make things appear so much farther away than they are. 

Quite a few of those tight turns. 

When a rider .. wait I already said that! :)

 l love hill climbs and Oak trees. 

Follow the Yellow ...

More hill climbs, I wouldn't love these on my bicycle. 

Some driveways more visible than others. Depends on your direction of travel. 

15 mph usually means what it says.. 

Up into the flaring sun. Almost done.. 

A couple more corners.. 

All done. Watch out for CHP when you throttle out of corners and into the straights. 

Salmon Falls Road. Just over 11 miles long. Corners aplenty. Driveways spilling from Mc-Mansions also aplenty. Still fun. Traveled South to North. 
Starting elevation: ~617 feet. Ending elevation: ~1183 feet. Map route below. 

Thank you for reading! :)


  1. Nice, Sam! I like the more quality, less quantity pix!

  2. Thanks Don! I am liking the new GoPro! :)

  3. What a nice looking twisty road. The pavement looks to be in pretty good condition too for a smoother ride.

    1. It is a local classic. Busier these days, as I mentioned, and one shouldn't let the smooth ride lull our alertness, the road has some surprisingly technical turns, which will bite you, if you aren't careful or skilled enough.

      The reason why CHP maintains a presence here, to protect the squids from themselves..

      Glad you enjoyed! Cheers! :)


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