Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wentworth Springs Rd. - Riding the Sierras Series.

The second in a series of pictorial blog posts focusing on one local motorcycling road at a time. Once again presented in the context of a rider's-eye view. For reasons which will become evident as you read on - Wentworth Springs Rd is an extremely well known and popular motoring road around here. It starts in the Sierra Foothills out of Georgetown, CA and spits you out in the Sierra Mountains. Positioning you perfectly with two choices to weigh - Into the wilderness to the North, or to the South on another delightfully delicious winding road back towards civilization. Those two choices to be the subject of another blog post another time. 

Once again, not meant to be a Road Guide. I will once again refer you over to for Intel on Roads in California.

The first 14 miles or so out of Georgetown are "boxed in",  even if ever more sparsely populated as you traverse. The road is still more or less lonesome (look to the right of the photo below..). The lonesomeness depends much on the day you are riding through. :)

The best part of Wentworth Springs road, in my opinion, is past Stumpy Meadows Reservoir. 

The pullout by the reservoir has picnic tables, restroom facilities, boat launch, and there is also a campground nearby. I didn't stop here this time.

The best part of Wentworth Springs road starts here. 14 miles of motoring heaven. 

The Kings fire ravaged it's way through here in 2014. The continuing drought in California has left vegetation especially susceptible. Just waiting for a spark..

The Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has been clearing the fire ravaged areas of yet combustible fodder which might fuel the next season of Wildfires. You might probably run into them and maybe log trucks on weekdays. I was here on a weekend. 

You can see to the left, how the fire crested the hill, breached the road, and burnt right across the ravine to the other side. Kings fire was an immensely damaging and relentless burn. 

The never-ending flow of corners continues past the fire ravaged area, as you keep climbing in elevation. 

The skies start to progressively open up as you are nearing or riding on the top of the ridge. 

Don't let this open-ness fool you. The fast corners lull the less experienced into overcooking the more technical corners which emerge almost without warning. In the picture below a crotch rocket had overcooked a corner a 1/2 mile or so up the road, shot across the road, launching him and his bike into the air and off the cliff and into the trees and rocks below. Not a pretty sight, he had to be life-flighted to an ER - he lives.  His friend who was following him target fixated on the crash in front of him and also ran off the road, but fortunately not off the cliff-side. He was lucky enough to be able to ride home, his friend not so much.

The crash happened in a corner somewhere past that bend ahead. 

The elevation is still climbing..

Then, seemingly, you crest and you can see the (usually) snow-covered mountains looming ahead. Only a hint of snow-cover this year. We have been exceptionally dry this year, even by drought standards. Also, watch out for rock slides and other road debris around here..

More twisty climbs after you crest the first time. Never-ending is not an understatement. 


Then right.. 

Then left again..then...

An A+ stellar ride from beginning to the end. Although, it doesn't stop here. More thrills and adventures await beyond the stop. That is for another time. :)

Wentworth Springs Road. Just over 30 miles long. Traversed West to East. The last 14 miles are the best part. Seemingly never-ending twisty fun of supremely paved and cambered road, people have been known to run laps - all day long. Fast corners mixed in with tighter ones, ride within your abilities. Ride safely. 

Elevation at start: ~2700 feet. Elevation at end: ~5500 feet. Map route below. 

Thank you for reading! :)


    Thanks for sharing this.
    YES, this is an amazing road!

    1. You are very welcome. I am flattered that you enjoyed this so much!
      Love this road also! :)

  2. Beautiful - well all except for the crash that is.

    I am really enjoying these views from the saddle. Our GoPro went kaput and wasn't as Mac friendly as we would have liked so hubby gave up on it quite a long time ago. I really enjoy seeing everyone's still pics from their video cameras though.

    1. Just trying something new with the GoPro. What happened to your GoPro and after how long? There are somethings I like about mine and others I don't, which could probably be said about most things, but I don't regret the investment. Thank you for your compliments. :)


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